Feb. 15, 1945

(17) 1945 (Feb 15) Major Charity E. Adams and Army Capt. Abbie Noel Campbell of the 6888th unit inspect the first soldiers from the unit to arrive in England (c. Lawrence E. Walker Foundation Collection)

This photograph shows Women’s Army Corps Maj. Charity Adams, 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion commander, and Army Capt. Abbie Noel Campbell, 6888th CPD executive officer, inspecting the first soldiers from the unit to arrive in England, Feb. 15, 1945. As the only all-African-American Women’s Army Corps unit sent to Europe during World War II, the unit, and in particular the Commander and Captain, endured much racism and sexism from their superiors. This battalion blazed a trail for African American women in the military, while also showing that racism was still a problem despite all of the accomplishments abolitionists had made.


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Roger Munroe
Author: Roger Munroe