(16) 1889 Unknown African American Family In Princeton, New Jersey (c. PRINCETON HISTORICAL SOCIETY)

This photograph shows an African American family in Princeton, New Jersey, in 1889. While slavery had been on the decline in New Jersey since the 1830s, it was only around this time when former African American slaves were able to lead a semblance of a normal life. Like most other states, New Jersey had its fair share of bitter slaveowners who tried to exploit loopholes to get around the abolishment of slavery. However, on March 31st, 1870, Thomas Mundy Peterson, an African American from New Jersey, became the first African American to vote in New Jersey in 63 years. This was a historic moment for African Americans in New Jersey. In addition, in 1875, the last slave in New Jersey died in Secaucus, marking the beginning of a new era for African Americans in New Jersey.


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Author: Roger Munroe