As the SAA3DM grows, join us in-person online for a regular selection of lectures once a month in the Joel Freeman Theater Room, CafeBookstore Authors Q&A’s, special presentations, movies and so much more! Check back often as we post new exhibit additions are made to the calendar every month, from 2022-2023.

1. 2nd PHASE 2022-2023: Sankofa Theater Room, Sankofa Cafe, Bookstore, Radio & TV Station, and (Two Exhibits) Black Women during the 1700s and Black Women during the 1800s.

2. ON FEBRUARY 17, 2022: Sankofa African American 3D Museum Launched Pad at 11:35 AM

3. ON FEBRUARY 25, 2022: Sankofa African American 3D Museum Launched.

4. ON FEBRUARY 28, 2022: Sankofa African American 3D Museum was launched on CBS News 4 Miami.


5. ON FEBRUARY 28, 2022: Pompano Beach Resident Highlighting Black Culture With First-Of-Its-Kind Metaverse Virtual Museum. Read The Article

6. ON MAY 19, 2022: 2nd Phase Presentation at The Historic Hampton House in Miami, Florida.